The pre-order period has now ended. All orders starting December 18th will be held until after the holidays, when it will be shipped between January 15th - January 31st due to the mods being out of town. Thank you for understanding!

Final Fantasy is a franchise by Square Enix that is well-loved all around the world. Many of us grew up fighting bombs and cactuars while trying to save the world from dark destruction, and learned what it means to work together and face your own darknesses.

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the Japanese release of the first Final Fantasy . We’d like to celebrate this monumental event by bringing artists together to create an art zine compiling fanworks for the many titles we have come to love. The zine has 50 + artists with 90+ pieces of artwork, spread out across the 120+ page book. Also, in line with Final Fantasy's recurring themes of friendship, peace, and helping those in need, we will be donating all proceeds of the purchases to Doctors without Borders!

Though the book will be available at a higher price through direct purchases from the artists after pre-orders, the bundles will be pre-order only. In addition, an edited version will be available as download-only in early 2018. Those proceeds for digital downloads will also be donated to Doctors without borders!

For a full list of participating artists, please refer to the link below: